China’s economy is slowing down, a worrying sign for the world

BEIJING – Building and property sales are down. Small businesses have closed their doors due to rising costs and poor sales. Indebted local governments cut civil servant salaries. The Chinese economy slowed down significantly in the final months of last year as government measures to curb property speculation hit other sectors as well. Lockdowns and … Read more

On ‘SNL’, Biden urges nation exhausted by coronavirus to stop seeing ‘Spider-Man’

Spider-Man just finished saving the tapestry of reality, but to hear President Biden say it — at least on Saturday Night Live — the parietal crawler is to blame for continuing the pandemic. To kick off the first new SNL show of 2022, James Austin Johnson returned in his recurring role as Biden at a … Read more

Novak Djokovic, a professor on the court, keeps making mistakes

In April 2020, with the professional tennis tour suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, Novak Djokovic participated in a Facebook Live chat with some of his fellow Serbian athletes. During their conversation, Djokovic, famous for his punitive training regime, his abstinence diet, and his fondness for New Age beliefs, said that he was “against vaccination” … Read more

Cowboys Come Up Short Against 49ers Long Before Clunky Finish

“People have been trying to find the next Deebo,” Mike McDaniel, the San Francisco offensive coordinator, said last week. “The problem is there’s one Deebo.” The Cowboys do not have him. But they did have Prescott, a set of tremendous receivers, a strong running game and an opportunistic defense that led the NFL in takeaways. … Read more

Colville’s Predicament: Temples Can’t Be Strongholds

A few years ago, in response to the deadly 2018 attack on the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the synagogue of which my children and husband are members asked me to advise the new security committee. Easy enough. This is what I do for companies, public bodies, schools and sports teams. My job … Read more

British pilot on TikTok reassures worried passengers about flying advice

A British cargo pilot helped his followers fear flying by dispensing some helpful advice and insider information from the cockpit. Harrison Murray, who posts as @pilot_geeza, has been sharing tips and answering questions for nervous flyers since November, when he posted a helpful video titled “Afraid of Flying? Tips from a Pilot”. Murray is based … Read more

Rafael Nadal returns to the Australian Open with modest expectations

MELBOURNE, Australia – As he begins his 20th season on the ATP Tour, Rafael Nadal, notorious for his particular difficulty on the court, is allowing himself – and others – some grace. At a news conference last week, a reporter asked Nadal how he felt about conditions in Melbourne, given that “you haven’t reached the … Read more

Find tips for snow and ice driving when travel is unavoidable

If you didn’t get enough training to drive in winter weather earlier this month, you’ll get another chance after more snow and ice hit the area Sunday night through Monday morning. In a press release, the Kentucky Board of Transportation said the storm “brought heavy snow and hazardous driving conditions to many areas of Kentucky, … Read more

Travel Tips: Best Budget Airlines for Thailand 2022

Thailand is an ideal country to travel to on a budget, especially when it comes to booking flights. Slightly larger than Spain, flying through this tropical country is a breeze, and guarantees short flights and cheap fares. Meanwhile, Thailand’s central location makes it an ideal starting point for exploring Southeast Asia, with neighboring Laos, Cambodia … Read more

5 Tips to Get More Engagement and Influence in Branded Travel Content

Branded content is a term that gets thrown around a lot in marketing circles, but many people struggle to understand what it actually means. You’ve likely come across a lot of branded content before without even realizing it, whether as a consumer or in a professional context. In the travel industry, in particular, branded content … Read more