Space travel will soon become problematic. All because of a lot of space debris after humans | Community TV

This was told in the American space company Rocket Lab, writes CNN. Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck said there are already many “second-hand” objects flying around in space, but the number is skyrocketing. So old unusable satellites make it difficult to find an orbit to launch new ones. Not least Beck blames Elon Musk for … Read more

Bezos’ flight will be unique in the history of space tourism

The history of space exploration is merciless to others and followers, because the names of the pioneers mostly remain in people’s memory. This may explain the nervousness with which Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin prepared to start regular suborbital flights with tourists. Jeff Bezos will overtake a competitor in participating in the first unmanned flight … Read more

Take a look at billions of years ago – Nauka – Kommersant

The construction of the most magnificent astronomical instrument in history began. The cyclopean radio telescope will be located on two continents. Scientists hope it will help unravel the most intriguing mysteries of the universe’s structure and history. The radio telescope is called SKAO, this abbreviation means “observatory of the array [площадью в] square kilometer” (Square … Read more

NASA successfully tests the world’s most powerful rocket

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced the successful test of the Space Launch System spacecraft at the Mississippi Space Center. Experts tested the central rocket unit, the largest rocket element NASA has ever built. Four engines ran for more than eight minutes. Space Launch System – super heavy launch vehicle. 95 tons with … Read more

China proposes turning the moon into an outpost to protect Earth from asteroids

Back in April, China announced the creation of a system to protect the Earth from asteroids, and now Chinese scientists propose to include extraterrestrial elements in it. Wu Weiren, head of China’s lunar exploration program, said the new plan would place three sentinel satellites with kinetic weapons in orbit around the moon. Two optical telescopes … Read more

China will destroy a near-Earth asteroid

The details of this mission were recently revealed by the chief designer of the Long March family of space rockets, Long Lehao. He said that with the help of the “Changzheng-3V” launch vehicle, an impact vehicle and an orbiting satellite will be launched into outer space, which will record the progress of the mission. Don’t … Read more